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Is Happily Ever After Possible?

Lesli Doares 6 Marriage Myths

Do you want a happy marriage without having to work hard at it? Do you want to know how to never fight with your partner again? Do you want to be part of the fifty percent whose marriages last? If you do, I can help. My name is Lesli Doares and I’m a relationship coach. […]

How to have Hard Conversation and Not End in Argument – Part 2

Marriage is a choice - Lesli Doares Marriage Counseling Raleigh Cary NC

In today’s episode, we will be continuing the discussion on how to have hard conversations without ending up in an argument. Hi there.  I’m Lesli Doares.   A Different Way.  Last time I proposed that couples could deal with tough issues without ending up in an argument.  This is true even if the two of […]