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Resolve Issues without Compromise, Sacrifice or Concessions

Couple Communication Lesli Doares Marriage Consultant

In today’s episode, we’re going to talk about how to resolve issues without compromise, sacrifice or concessions. It IS Possible! I’ve been talking over the last few episodes about making decisions in your marriage without the need for compromise, sacrifice, or making concessions.  I hear many of you saying, “Lesli, that sounds great but is it […]

How To Take Compromise Out of Your Marriage – Part 2

Lesli Doares - Relationship Coach Raleigh

Today we’re going to continue the discussion about compromise and concession and the negative impact they can have on your marriage. Hello.  I’m Lesli Doares and welcome to the show.   Clarify.  You may be a bit confused after the last episode and, if so, I don’t want to leave you hanging and feeling like […]