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How Take Compromise Out of Your Marriage – Part 1?

Relationship Resolution 4: Be Present

In today’s episode we’re going to answer the question: How do you take compromise out of marriage? Hi there.  I’m Lesli Doares.  Welcome to the show. Embrace and Implement.  In the last episode, I made the Bold Outrageous Proposition that marriage does not require compromise.  Today, I’m going to explain how you can navigate building […]

3 Words Never to Use in Marriage

Wedding Bands Lesli Doares

In today’s episode we’re going to talk about the three words I won’t ever use in connection with marriage. Hello.  I’m Lesli Doares and I want to welcome you to the show. Words I Refuse To Use.  Many words are used in connection to marriage that I simply refuse to use.  One of the most […]